About Us

Beer is one of the safest and oldest beverages in the history of mankind. There was a time that water was not safe and your choices were either wine or beer! Brewing beer started over 6,000 years ago and has gone through various transformations. The beer industry during the indusyoutubechannelart-small-1024x576[1]trial revolution became mass produce and very homogeneous in term of taste, color and style. About 20 years ago, consumers wanted something different and various microbreweries started to offer new beers and old revived beers.  These beers became “Craft Beer” and allowed the brewers (zymurgy for the expert on fermentation) to experiment and produce beer that exceeded the notion of Malt, Yeast, Hop, Barley and the various spices currently used in beer brewing. The movement became an expression of individuality. From the label design to the exclusivity and seasonal availability, the choices of beer and various different beer styles are almost infinite and enough to drive even a Cicerone crazy!

American Beer Syndicate understands the social movement that is Craft beer. Through its unique “We Love Craft Beer Show” to its new “Craft Beer Mob” social app for craft beer mob aficionados, our mission is to provide opportunities for both the brewers and consumers alike to interact and discover their next new favorite beer.

With years of successful experience in social media, advertising, marketing, and concept design, the entire team at the American Beer Syndicate has the talent, drive, and passion to market craft beers for the entire growing craft beer loving community!